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About Us

We launched our business from the same reasons you're here today. We've gone through the same stressful and emotional time you are experiencing from this unexpected life-altering event.

Only through your own research have you just now discovered the economic impact funeral services can incur on your family or savings, especially considering the cost of a casket or coffin and funeral services through a funeral home.

For us, experiencing the loss of our father and the stressful and financial costs of planning a funeral, became the driving energy to pursue a better, more cost-efficient way to help others in the same way it helped us save thousands of dollars on our funeral costs.

This is why we are pleased to help others to host a funeral event without the stressful and costly debt many incur over the cost of a casket. We lower the cost of a funeral by offering caskets for sale, coffins, urns and cremation jewelry at avings of 30% to 70% less than your average funeral home.

We have a direct relationship with one of Americas largest wholesale funeral networks that was designed to help consumers with low-stress funeral service preparations during one of the most emotional times in their lives, while saving thousands of the unnecessary traditional funeral home costs.

Our goal is to help you plan, gain peace-of-mind, and save thousands of dollars in the process in your time of immediate-need. 

Our funeral network was founded in 2003 and the largest in North America with network relationships to Costco, Walmart, BJ’s wholesale club, OverStock.com, Amazon.com  and the United States Army Department.

We help consumers in need of funeral products during immediate situations, while saving the emotional financial pain of traditional funeral service methods.

Why? Did you know the funeral industry is abundant with unhappy consumers and thousands of complaints against funeral home services across the United States, filed with the Federal Trade Commission, State Regulatory Agencies and Better Business Bureau.

We founded the company after going through similar complaints as above, and the stress-full, emotional and financial pitfalls of a traditional funeral home service from the passing of our father. The grief-stricken and vulnerable time was the motivation to pave a path to help others like yourself with an alternative to a traditional approach.

Our belief is there should be no need to associate the cost of a funeral to the passing of a loved one. Unfortunately the traditional of this emotional experience had some funeral homes take advantage of this during your most vulnerable time, and likely the result of the thousands of complaints to industry regulators and consumer protection organizations.

So CasketandCoffin.com was founded, to provide an area of funeral planning that makes it painless and affordable as possible, giving you the high-value, low-cost funeral products you deserve, and delivered as soon as possible (same day delivery) in your time of need.