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Prestige Dignity Copper Deluxe
$2426 (25% disc...)
You save $809.

  • Superior grade 18 guage steel
  • Premium appointments
  • White velvet interior
  • Exterior high-gloss
  • Metal-capped premium capped swing bar handles
  • Exclusive urn shaped corner design


  • Exterior length: 83
  • Exterior width: 28
  • Exterior height: 24
  • Casket weight: n/a
  • Carton length: 84.25
  • Carton width: 30.25
  • Carton height: 36
  • Shipping weight: n/a
  • Price includes standard delivery (1-2 days)
  • Guaranteed Overnight casket delivery in some areas.
  • Delivered via FedEx

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Funeral costs are easily reduced when you consider one of our online caskets as this Prestige Dignity Copper Deluxe casket

Prestige Dignity Copper Deluxe

Item NO: CC-RE-1851B4112STE


$3,235 REG

25% Disc | $809.00 Savings


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Funeral costs are easily reduced when you consider one of our online caskets as this Prestige Dignity Copper Deluxe casket Funeral caskets interior offer a beautiful white velvet interior Coffins at discounted rates as the Prestige Dignity Copper Deluxe casket help you save on funeral ccosts Discount casket prices as this casket for sale online

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Craftsman funeral caskets and coffins

The Prestige Dignity Copper Deluxe casket is one of the only online caskets available at C&C. This exquisite online casket is a beautiful discounted casket to honor your loved one, and suitable for any male or female.

The premium features and appointments on this online casket is offered at an exceptional price. The Prestige Dignity Copper Deluxe online casket offers an unique premium craftsman manufactured design. View the phones of this online casket above to see the beautiful detail in its high-gloss exterior. Caskets online similar to the Prestige Dignity Copper Deluxe casket attempt to replicate the immaculate two-tone copper highlight finish, and its luxurious metal-capped premium handles (swing-bar handles), reinforced with matching metal hardware. 

The popular designer urn-shaped carved-like edges of our online caskets is included in the craftsmamship of this caskets exterior. Just as detailed as the exterior, when you open the caskets top to view the interior, you'll immediately see the exquiste detail. Online caskets as the Prestige Dignity Copper Deluxe funeral casket offers an adorned interior with our luxurious 'soft touch' almond, velvet hand-pleated bedding. The caskets head cap lid is also detailed with a affluent tufted velvet pattern. 

Its rare to find copper-like online caskets with this level detail, among no expense spared for the caskets interior. The Prestige Dignity Copper casket interior features the same popular adjustable bed, interior waterproof lining, and memorial record cylinder to store your family's keepsakes with the loved one before the funeral burial.

This online casket also features the same popular locking system, rubber gasket and manufactured with industry-grade superior 18-gauge steel.